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Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 / Security Gateway 80 Appliances Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New in Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance
  • Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance Downloads
  • Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance Documentation

For more information on Check Point 1100 Appliance see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Release Notes, Check Point 1100 Appliance Getting Started Guide and Check Point 1100 Appliance Known Limitations.

For more information, see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Product Page. You can also visit our 2012 Models Security Appliances forum or any other Check Point discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

New! Check Point R77.20 for 600 / 1100 / 1200R Appliance was released. See sk105379 for more information.


What's New in Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance

This release is offered as a software upgrade for existing Security Gateway 80 appliances and also as a new appliance line, the Check Point 1100 Appliance.

Supported Software Blades

These Software Blades can be managed centrally, or locally through the WebUI.

  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Site-to-site IPSec VPN
  • Remote Access VPN
    • IPSec VPN clients
    • SSL Network Extender clients
  • Application and URL Filtering
  • Identity Awareness
  • IPS
  • Traditional Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Advanced Networking & Clustering
  • QoS

Operating System and Networking

This release is based on the Gaia OS core, with its clish configuration and networking stacks. It also supports all UTM-1 Edge features.
Optional hardware models with:

  • Wi-Fi - 802.11n
  • ADSL

Enhanced networking options:

  • Gaia Dynamic Routing
  • 3G connectivity using a USB or Express Card support
  • Multiple Internet connections (more than 2) in High availability or Load Sharing mode
  • Policy Based Routing, also using specific internet connections or Route Based VPN
  • DDNS support
  • Quick deployment (with USB)


Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance Downloads

Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Note for Security Gateway 80 users: Existing Security Gateway 80 appliances can be upgraded to this version of firmware.

Check Point R75.20 GA for 1100 Appliance Documentation

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