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Mobile Access Secure Workspace hangs after applying Windows updates Technical Level
  • When Mobile Access blade's Secure Workspace is launched after applying Windows update KB2726535 and/or KB2790113, it displays a message that the conhost.exe process is blocked.
  • Later, the inner Internet Explorer window becomes unresponsive.
  • Attempting to close that instance of Secure Workspace results in an unresponsive (gray) system tray icon and two unresponsive 'ISWMGR' processes.
  • Any further attempts to launch Secure Workspace without terminating the 'ISWMGR' processes results in failure.

Updating Window with KB2726535 or KB2726535 acquires a new version of the conhost.exe file, which is code-signed by a CA that is not trusted by the R76 version of Secure Workspace.

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