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Remote Access clients can connect to VPN Gateway only once Technical Level
  • Remote Access with IPSec clients can get a successful connection to the Security Gateway only once. Subsequent connections fail with "gateway is not responding" message.
  • After reinstalling the client, or re-creating the VPN Site, connection succeeds, but again only for the first time.
  • Able to see the Private IP on the client when it connects for second time.
  • Secure client disconnects frequently.
  • Connection succeeded but traffic does not reach destination for first 5-15 minutes after.

Security Gateway is using the wrong IP address to negotiate with the clients. 

This error might appear if the IP address is different from the IP address that was originally defined when creating the new VPN site, especially in scenarios where the Security Gateway is behind a NAT device, or when the Security Gateway object is defined with an internal IP address, or a Management IP address that is not reachable from the Internet.

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