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How to create VLAN interfaces in Gaia Clish

To create VLANs on Gaia, one can use either the Gaia Portal, or the Gaia Clish shell.

Important Note: On Security Gateway in VSX mode, VLAN interfaces must be created via SmartDashboard in the object of VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster.

Performing the procedure from Clish provides the ability to mass copy/paste the commands necessary to quickly create a large number of VLANs.

When creating VLAN interfaces via Clish, the following commands should be used:

  1. Bringing on the Physical interface, on which the VLAN interfaces will be created:

    Note: This command may be skipped, if the interface's state is already on.

    HostName> set interface <Name_of_Physical_Interface> state on

  2. Adding a VLAN interface:

    HostName> add interface <Name_of_Physical_Interface> vlan <VLAN_ID>

  3. Assigning an IP address to newly created VLAN interface:

    HostName> set interface <Name_of_VLAN_Interface> ipv4-address <IP_Address> mask-length <Subnet_Mask_Length>

  4. Saving the configuration (so it survives reboot):

    HostName> save config



  • Physical interface - eth1
  • VLAN interface - eth1.100
  • VLAN IP address - / 24

Required Clish commands:

HostName> set interface eth1 state on
HostName> add interface eth1 vlan 100
HostName> set interface eth1.100 ipv4-address mask-length 24
HostName> save config


Note: Users can have all the required commands listed out in a simple text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Notepad2, PSPad, etc) and then paste them directly into the Clish command line at once to easily and quickly add all the necessary VLAN interfaces.


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