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VTI interface does not work on machine with CPU that does not support PAE Technical Level
  • VTI interface does not work.

  • VTI interface is not listed in the output of 'ifconfig -a' command.

  • /var/log/messages file shows these errors:

    NETIS Message:libvpnt.c:69: open(/dev/vpnt0): No such file or directory
    kernel: vpnt: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module

On machine with CPU that does not support PAE (e.g., Check Point UTM-1 270 appliances), the "noPAE" Linux kernel is loaded, which is parsing the /proc/version in order to get the kernel type.

The /proc/version does not provide any data regarding "noPAE" kernels.

As a result, the vpnt kernel module looked at the "PAE" kernel and got disagrees about the version.

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