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How to configure partition sizes during Gaia installation Technical Level

Default partitions sizes are set according to the hard disks size. The same default partitions size is used for a range of hard disks sizes. Sometimes the user would like to change the default partitions sizes according to his needs.

During installation of an Open Server, VMware VM, Smart-1 50/150, Smart-1 3050/3150, Smart-1 5050/5150, and Smart-1 6000-L/6000-XL appliances, there is an option to change the partition sizes.
On the "Partitions Configuration" screen, you can modify the size of the storage assigned for "logs", or for "system-root". While changing the "logs" or the "system-root" size, the amount of the storage assigned for "Backup and Upgrade" will be updated accordingly.

The minimal amount of the storage assigned for "Backup and Upgrade" is derived from the amount of the storage assigned for "system-root", the bigger the "system-root" size, the more storage is needed for "Backup and Upgrade".

 on the Smart-1 appliances supporting this feature, there is a limited time to enter the "Partitions Configuration" screen. After this time has elapsed, the installation will continue automatically with the default settings.


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