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Snapshot location on Gaia and SecurePlatform Technical Level

Snapshot location

  Gaia SecurePlatform
Check Point Appliances LVM LVM
Open Servers LVM /var/CPsnapshot/snapshots/

Note: In Check Point appliances, in case a snapshot is exported, the tar file is saved in /var/log/download directory.


  • Gaia and Check Point Appliances running SecurePlatform store all snapshots as Logical Volume Management (LVM) volumes.

    Note: On Gaia OS, snapshots are not files, but disk volumes that are stored as a disk partition, therefore the directory name is not relevant here. It is possible to view list of virtual drives by running the "lvs" command (in the Expert mode).

  • Open Servers running SecurePlatform do not use LVM system. System snapshots on these servers are compressed files that contain system configuration files and parameters. They are stored in /var/CPsnapshot/snapshots/ directory.

    Every snapshot is an archived .tar file, which name has this pattern: 
    snapshot_<creation date>_<creation time>.tgz

Logs generated during the snapshot creation are stored at /var/CPsnapshot/log/snapshots/ directory.

Snapshot download from the Logical Volume Management (LVM)

In Gaia, snapshot can be downloaded with from Web UI or Clish.

In Clish:

  • Export existing snapshot:

    > set snapshot export <snapshot_name> path <path_to_store>

  • Export and rename snapshot: 

    set snapshot export <snapshot_name> path <path_to_store> name <exported_name>

    After this you can copy the .tar file from the machine.

    In Web UI:

    1. In the Navigation tree on the left, go to Snapshot Management.
    2. Select the snapshot.
    3. Click Export
    4. Click Start Export.

    After the export file is created, you can download it from the browser.

    This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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