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R75.40VS for 61000 Security System Technical Level
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For more information on R75.40VS for 61000 Security System, see the R75.40VS for 61000 Security System Release Notes and R75.40VS for 61000 Security System Known Limitations.


Table of Contents

  • What's New
  • Downloads
  • Documentation


What's New

  • General
    • R75.40VS for 61000 Security System can be deployed as a Security Gateway or as a VSX Gateway.
    • Newly Supported Software Blades:
      On a Security Gateway
      • Anti-Bot.
      • URL Filtering (new engine).
      • Anti-Virus (new engine).
      • Mobile Access.
       On a VSX Gateway
      • Software Blades per Virtual System, as in R75.40VS.
    • Important Software Blade features include:
      • HTTPS Inspection.
      • SSL over PSL (improved performance of HTTPS traffic).
      • Hit Count.
      • UserCheck.
    • Additional enhancements:
      • DNS fast reply enhancements.
      • Sticky Hide NAT behind range.
      • Templates creation after Traceroute rule.
      • Multi threaded SSL handshake.
      • Dual chassis Active/Active mode (Layer 2).
      • Packet Capture for IPS.
      • Monitoring with Mirror/Span port.
      • Bond Monitoring.
  • Security Gateway
    • Includes R75.051
    • Zero Downtime Upgrade from R75.051
    • DLP (IPv4 only)
    • Netflow (IPv4 only)
    • Gaia OS:
      • TACACS authentication.
      • Telnet access.
  • VSX Gateway
    • Up to 250 Virtual Systems.
    • Virtual Switches and Virtual Routers.
    • Software Blades architecture, with flexibility to enable Software Blades per Virtual System.
    • 61000 Security System technologies:
      • Assign more than one CPU core to one interface using Multi Queue.
      • Configure Distribution per port, to determine how the SSM disperses incoming traffic to SGMs.
      • SyncXL assures optimized connection synchronization.
      • Gaia gclish shell commands per Virtual System.
      • asg commands per Virtual System.
    • All or some Virtual Systems can be deployed as a Layer 2 bridge.



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Note: For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names, see sk65305.


  • Check Point R75.40VS for 61000 Security System Installation Image
  • Check Point R75.40VS for 61000 Security System snapshot
  • Check Point R75.40VS for 61000 Security System SSM160 2.4.B27.2.T-HUB4 Firmware

Installation Instructions:



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