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Creating VLAN interfaces on physical interface, which already has an assigned IP address in SecurePlatform OS / Gaia OS Technical Level

In SecurePlatform OS / Gaia OS, it is mandatory to remove an IP address from a physical interface before creating any VLAN interfaces on that physical interface.

Removing IP Addresses from Physical Interfaces - SecurePlatform

Before you define a VLAN, make sure the physical interface does not have an IP address:

  1. Start the SecurePlatform configuration utility: sysconfig
  2. Select "Network Connections".
  3. For each interface:

    1. Select "Configure connection".
    2. Select the physical interface.
    3. Select "Remove IP from interface".
    4. Return to Network Connections.

  4. Exit the SecurePlatform configuration utility.

Removing IP Addresses from Physical Interfaces - Gaia

In CLI run:  delete interface "interface name" ipv4-address

In WebUI:

  1. Select 'Network Management > Network Interfaces.
  2. Select desired interface and click "Edit".
  3. In IPv4 tab, highlight value and delete it.

For more information, refer to Gaia R77 Administration Guide.

Note: Adding an IP address to the physical interface after defining a VLAN may cause connectivity issues in specific scenarios, and is Not supported.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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