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SMB Appliances - How to connect to the office using Check Point Remote Access (VPN) clients?

Download and Install

  1. Download and run the latest installation file - E80.80 Remote Access Clients for Windows, or E80.64 Endpoint Security VPN for macOS - Disc Image (DMG).
    For more information on Check Point Remote Access Solutions, see sk67820.
  2. During installation, select Endpoint Security VPN 
  3. Complete installation and reboot.
  4. For more operating systems and versions, go to Remote Access (VPN) Clients product page.


  1. Right-click the product notification icon and click on VPN Options.
  2. On the Sites tab, click New - the Site Wizard will start.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter the IP address of the SMB Appliance in your organization, given to you by your administrator, and click Next.
  5. Choose Authentication method Username and Password.


  1. Right-click the product notification icon and click on Connect.
  2. Enter username and password (consult your administrator if you do not know them) and click Connect.


Detailed instructions on how to configure VPN connections on your SMB Appliance can be found in the Appliance Administration Guide:

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