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SmartEvent R77/R80 Sizing Guide Technical Level

This Sizing Guide refers to SmartEvent R77.x and R80.x.

  1. To find the suitable SmartEvent appliance, get the scale estimations for your environment by running the CPLogInvestigator Sizing Tool on the Log Server.
    • For R80 and higher, CPLogInvestigator script can be found in $FWDIR/bin/ directory.
    • For R77.x Download the CPLogInvestigator.tgz and extract it to /var/log directory on SmartEvent Sever:
      #cd /var/log
      # gtar -zxvf CPLogInvestigator.tgz
      # chmod 777 *
  2. Run CPLogInvestigator -h for usage instructions. 
  3. Run the CPLogInvestigator tool with the required arguments:
    # ./CPLogInvestigator -a -p > /var/log/CPLogInvestigator.txt
  4. Compare the output with the table below.

This is the supported scale for Smart-1 SmartEvent appliances:

Smart-1 5 SmartEvent Smart-1 25 SmartEvent Smart-1 50 SmartEvent

Logs analyzed per day (file size)

2GB 10GB 25GB

Maximum Events per day*

250K 500K 1,000K - 5,000K**

Supported Users*



7K - 80K**

Available storage for historic records*** 315 GB 720 GB 1,200 GB

* Remarks:

  • Enabling SmartReporter on the appliance reduces the supported scale by half.
  • Read sk80720 for advanced tuning suggestions to maximize performance.

** The upper limit can be reached by extending RAM to 16GB:

  • If Application Control and URL Filtering blades are activated - 20K users are supported.
  • If Application Control and URL Filtering blades are not activated - 80K users are supported.

*** To evaluate the number of historic days to keep, divide the available storage by the estimated daily consumption reported by the Sizing Tool.

Note: SmartEvent can run with different versions than the Security Management server. Then SmartEvent server can be upgraded to one of the above versions without upgrading the Security Management server.


Applies To:
  • merged with sk122216

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