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21600 Appliance Known Limitations Technical Level

This article lists all of the known limitations of the 21600 Appliance.

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For more information on the 21600 Appliances, refer to sk68701 (2012 Models Security Appliances: 21000).


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ID Symptoms
The Lights-Out Management (LOM) card has been temporarily disabled on the 21600 Appliance, while firmware issues with this module are resolved. The module will be re-enabled via a firmware update to be issued shortly. Refer to sk90366.
CR01054950 Gaia OS on the 21600 has been limited to 64-bit operation (32-bit mode is not selectable).
Fresh Installation fails on appliance configured with 36 Ethernet ports (all three I/O slots contain 12-port cards). The workaround is to remove one of the 12-port I/O cards, perform the Fresh Install, and then reinsert the 12-port I/O card.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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