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'migrate export' command fails with plugin error on Security Management Server R75.40 / R75.45 running on Windows OS Technical Level
  • 'migrate export' command on R75.40 / R75.45 fails with plugin error:

    Execution finished with errors. See log file 'C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\R75.40\CPShared\R75.40\log\migrate-ddd_MMM_dd_HH-mm-ss_Year.log' for further details

  • The 'C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\R75.40\CPShared\R75.40\log\migrate-ddd_MMM_dd_HH-mm-ss_Year.log' shows:

    [ExecCommandGetOutput] Going to execute command: 'C:\Windows\FW1\R75.40\fw1\bin\upgrade_tools\pre_upgrade_verifier -p C:\Windows\FW1\R75.40\FW1 -c -t'
    [ExecCommandGetOutput] ERR: Command completed with error code 65535
    .<-- ExecCommandGetOutput
    [PreupgradeVerifierRunner::exec] ERR: Preupgrade verifier had failed
    [PreupgradeVerifierRunner::exec] Preupgrade verifier's output:

  • When running 'pre_upgrade_verifier', it fails with error 'Plugin upgrade match command had failed'

  • Pre-upgrade log file %CPDIR%\log\plugin-upgrade-matcher_ddd_MMM_dd_HH-mm-ss_Year.log shows:

    -- > CPpidbConfiguration::CheckInstalledPlugins
    [CPpidbConfiguration::CheckInstalledPlugins] Found plugin 'PICPmgmtrfes' in registry
    [CPpidbConfiguration::CheckInstalledPlugins] ERR: Unknown installed plug-in specified in the registry: 'PICPmgmtrfes'
    < -- CPpidbConfiguration::CheckInstalledPlugins
    [main] ERR: Failed to read configuration, aborting.
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