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Gaia Clish commands including User Defined (Extended) commands Technical Level

The following Gaia Clish references are available:

  • The "show commands" command in Gaia Clish will display a complete list of commands that you can access (if you are am administrator).

  • On the Clish command line, hit ESC ESC to see a list of the available Clish commands.

  • Most of the Gaia feature commands are documented in the Gaia Administration Guide. 

  • This document explains how to perform routine 'sysconfig'-configuration in Gaia OS: Sysconfig to Gaia CLI Technical Reference Guide.

  • User Defined (Extended) Commands:

    Extended commands include:

    1. Built-in extended commands. These are mostly for configuration and troubleshooting of the Gaia OS and Check Point products.

    2. User defined commands. You can perform Role Based Administration (RBA) with extended commands by assigning extended commands to roles, and then assigning the roles to users or user groups.



    • To show all extended commands: show extended commands

    • To add an extended command: add command NAME_VALUE path PATH_VALUE description DESCRIPTION_VALUE

      • command - requires the name of the extended command
      • path - requires the path of the relevant executable/binary file
      • description - requires the description string of the extended command

    • To show the path and description of a specified extended command: show command NAME_VALUE

    • To delete an extended command: delete command NAME_VALUE


    Example - add the 'free' command to the 'systemDiagnosis' role and assign a user 'john' with that role

    1. Add the 'free' command:

      HostName> add command free path /usr/bin/free description "Display amount of free and used memory in the system"

    2. Save the configuration:

      HostName> save config

    3. Log out from Gaia OS and log in again.

    4. Add the 'free' command to the systemDiagnosis role:

      HostName> add rba role systemDiagnosis domain-type System readwritefeatures ext_free

    5. Assign user 'john' with the 'systemDiagnosis' role:

      HostName> add rba user john roles systemDiagnosis

    6. Save the configuration:

      HostName> save config

It is not supported to add an extended command which is comprised of two different words. for example:
add command "show ip" path PATH_VALUE description DESCRIPTION_VALUE

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