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R75.40VS Factory Image with Automatic Hotfix Installation Technical Level
  • When the user completes First Time Configuration Wizard, user is asked to reboot the appliance.

  • When installing one of the R75.40VS HotFixes, the system notifies that the HotFix is already installed.

Appliances arriving from the factory with R75.40VS, already include the relevant R75.40VS hotfixes.


No fix is required; the system is functioning as designed.

Appliances arriving from Check Point with pre-installed R75.40VS, already include the following hotfixes:

  1. Check Point Software Blades R75.40VS hotfix for Gaia / SecurePlatform / Linux
  2. Check Point PerformancePack R75.40VS hotfix for Gaia / SecurePlatform

Using a new hotfix auto-install mechanism, the appliances automatically install the above two hotfixes at the end of the First Time Configuration Wizard, and then the user is asked to reboot the appliance.



For more information about these hotfixes, refer to sk80780 (Check Point R75.40VS - Recommended Hotfixes)

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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