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Check Point Mobile VPN for Android devices Technical Level

Note: On October 30, 2014, as part of the Capsule product launch, Android Mobile VPN was renamed Android Capsule VPN, and its icons and graphics were changed. There are no functionality or licensing changes that affect the installed apps. VPN connections continue to work as before. Refer to sk103149.

Check Point Mobile VPN for Android devices is an L3 VPN client. It supplies secure connectivity and access to corporate resources using the L3 IPSec/SSL VPN Tunnel. The application is available in the Google Play Store:

For an SSL VPN portal application, use the "Check Point Capsule Workspace" application. The application is available in the Google Play Store:

Supported Platforms: Android 4+ (ICS+)

Supported Gateways:

  • R71.50 and higher 
  • R75.40 and higher

Required Licenses: Mobile Access Software Blade on the Security Gateway


  • Layer-3 VPN tunnel
  • Authentication methods: 
    • Certificate (internal)
      • Certificate password
    • Password
    • RSA SecurID 
    • Radius 
    • challenge response 
    • Full/split tunneling 
    • UTF-8 users support 
    • IPSec over UDP with fall back to TCP (Visitor mode) 
    • VPN over SSL 
    • Always connect
    • Roaming between 3G/Wi-Fi and automatic reconnect Status and Statistics display 
    • VPN API for 3rd party: create sites, connect to site, disconnect from site 
    • Site provisioning: 
      • Automatic by scanning a QR-code (with an embedded QR-code scanner) 
      • Automatic, through URL 
      • Manual

Refer to the Administration Guide and to the Release Notes before you use this product:

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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