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"syslogd: sendto:..." messages in /var/log/messages file Technical Level
  • The following messages appear in /var/log/messages file:

    • syslogd: sendto: Invalid argument
    • syslogd: sendto: Bad File Descriptor
    • syslogd: sendto: Connection refused
  • "syslogd: write: Connection refused" error in /var/log/messages file in R77.10.

  • "syslogd: local sendto: Invalid argument" error in /var/log/messages file in R77.20.

  • Syslog messages are not forwarded from Security Gateway to Security Management Server, although "Send Syslog messages to management server" option is activated in Gaia Portal on Security Gateway.


The messages appear due to the remote logging mechanism:

1. If the remote log server is not configured, then "Bad file descriptor" and "Connection refused" messages appear.

2. If the remote log server is configured, then "Invalid Argument" message appears.

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