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Check Point R75.40VS - Recommended Hotfixes Technical Level

These Hotfix packages install important updates for R75.40VS.

Important: The R75.40VS images for the 21600 model and 21700 model appliances automatically install all relevant hotfixes. For links to downloads and more details, see sk68701.


Table of Contents

  • R75.40VS Hotfixes
  • Installing R75.40VS Hotfixes
  • R75.40VS Hotfix Documentation


R75.40VS Hotfixes

Note: refer to sk86382 (R75.40VS Factory Image with Automatic Hotfix Installation)

These hotfixes can be safely installed together.

Software Blades Package (for Security Management, Multi-Domain Management, Security Gateway and VSX Gateway):

Multi Domain Server Package (for Multi Domain Management Server):

Performance Pack Package (for Security Gateway and VSX Gateway):

Resolved Issues:

ID Symptoms
00938244 Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus updates are fully supported in VSX mode. See sk79920.
00940009 Resolved upgrade issue that may result in VS creation failure.
00940111 Resolved failure of the WatchDog process to re-activate a crashing FWK process (relevant to VSX mode).
00942364 Improved URL Filtering Hold mechanism to resolve spikes of CPU load to 100% caused by CoreXL Firewall 'fw_worker' processes.
00948143 VSX: Allowed policy install on VS when the CMA is not the Main_CMA and the VSX policy blocks port 18191.
- URL Filtering and Application Control updates are fully supported in VSX mode.
00966287 In rare cases, when activating the Identity Awareness blade, the pdpd process may consume 100% CPU.
- Stability fixes.


Installing R75.40VS Hotfixes

Installing in CLI

In a cluster environment, make sure to install on all members of the cluster.

If you install this hotfix on Security Management Server, Security Gateway, and VSX Gateway environments, the installation scripts run cpstop command and cpstart command automatically.

If you install this hotfix on Multi-Domain Management environments, you must run mdsstop command before installation, and mdsstart command after installation.

To install on all platforms using command line:

  1. Back up the modified files.

  2. Copy the hotfix file for the platform to a temporary directory.

  3. To install the hotfix:

    • On Windows OS:

      1. UnPack the TGZ archive using the relevant application (such as WinZip/WinRAR/7-zip/IZArc/etc etc).

      2. Double-click the executable file.

      3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    • On SecurePlatform/Gaia/IPSO/Linux/Solaris OS:

      • To install the Software Blades package:

        1. [Expert@HostName]# tar zxvf fw1_wrapper_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006.tgz
        2. [Expert@HostName]# ./fw1_wrapper_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006_988006030_2

      • To install the Performance Pack package:

        1. [Expert@HostName]# tar zxvf sim_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006.tgz
        2. [Expert@HostName]# ./sim_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006_988006004_2

      • To install the Multi-Domain Server package:

        1. [Expert@HostName]# tar zxvf mds_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006.tgz
        2. [Expert@HostName]# ./mds_HOTFIX_GIZA_HF_BASE_006_988006011_7

  4. Make sure that the installation completes successfully (no errors).

  5. Reboot the machine.


R75.40VS Hotfix Documentation



Related Solution: sk86382 (R75.40VS Factory Image with Automatic Hotfix Installation)

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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