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Improved Database for SmartReporter Server Technical Level


This solution is applicable only for SmartReporter customers who use one of the following licenses:

  • CPSB-RPRT-N-C1000
  • CPSB-RPRT-N-C2500

These licenses are suitable to work with the improved SmartReporter database only. Otherwise, while connecting to SmartReporter client, or running 'cpstart' command, the following error will appear:
Warning: Can't find ::CPSB-RPRT-N-CXX00 in cp.macro. License version might be not compatible.

Other SmartReporter licenses are suitable to work with all versions, and no action is needed.



These versions include the improved database. Install one of them as the SmartReporter server:

  • R75.20*
  • R75.40*
  • R75.40 Gaia feature release (appliance)
  • R75.40VS
  • R75.45
  • Any version above R75.45

* Note: R75.20 and R75.40 versions require installation of ReportingServer hotfix. Follow the installation instructions below.



Installation instructions

  1. ReportingServer hotfix has to be installed on the machine that runs for R75.20 SmartReporter product, or R75.40 SmartReporter product.

  2. Download the relevant hotfix package:

    Version OS Download Link
    R75.20 SecurePlatform / Linux (TGZ)
    R75.40 ** SecurePlatform / Gaia / Linux (TGZ)
    Windows (EXE)

    ** Note: The hotfix from sk79000 (Check Point R75.40 Hotfix) does not collide with this ReportingServer hotfix.

  3. Put the hotfix package on the SmartReporter machine into some directory:

    • Example for SecurePlatform / Gaia / Linux OS:

    • Example for Windows OS:

  4. On SecurePlatform / Gaia / Linux OS, unpack the hotfix package:

    [Expert@HostName]# cd /var/log/path_to_fix/
    [Expert@HostName]# tar xvfz ReportingServer_HOTFIX_NAME.tgz

  5. Install the hotfix:

    • SecurePlatform / Gaia / Linux OS:
      [Expert@HostName]# ./ReportingServer_HOTFIX_NAME

    • Windows OS:
      Right-click on the ReportingServer_HOTFIX_NAME.exe file - choose 'Run as administrator' - follow the instructions on the screen.

  6. Reboot the machine.
Applies To:
  • 00874027 , 00920289 , 00930825 , 00944139
  • 00933755 , 00967046

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