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R75.40VS Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in R75.40VS.


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Table of Contents

  • Firewall
  • IPv6
  • Identity Awareness
  • UserCheck
  • Anti-bot
  • Application control
  • Portable Client
  • SecurePlatform & Gaia
  • SmartConsole
  • SmartEvent
  • SmartReporter
  • Logging
  • Policy Installation
  • Mobile Access / VPN
  • Security Gateway 80
  • IPSO
  • VSX


ID Symptoms
00862041 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Installation of a StandAlone (Management and Gateway installed on the same machine), or Gateway on Windows 2008 64-bit is not supported.
00893411 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: On R75.20 ROBO gateway that was configured in SmartProvisioning that was upgraded to R75.40 (Gaia and SecurePlatform) with 'patch add cd', will fail with "Segmentation Fault" error at the end of the upgrade process.
The machine will perform a reboot and after that the login is not available.
00542221 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: The IPv6 Rule Base verification is less strict than for IPv4, so you must make sure that rules in the Rule Base do not contradict each other.
00892078 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Nested groups are disabled by default.
To enforce nested groups, see sk66561.
Identity Awareness
00895437 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Identity Awareness can lose mapped identities.
See sk71380.
00867124 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: The AD-tool is unresponsive when it cannot connect to the AD server.
00841293 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Uninstall of Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus is not supported from Policy > Uninstall.
Application control
00860071 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: With an Application Control limit and HTTPS Inspection, configure the Security Gateway to avoid connectivity issues.
Portable Client
00846282 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Check Point GO USB sticks with versions older than GO R75, will fail to get policy updates from an R75.40 gateway. The R75.40 Secure Workspace policy supports only CheckPoint GO R75 and higher.
SecurePlatform & Gaia
00895331 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: To upgrade from SecurePlatform R70.50 to SecurePlatform R75.40 or Gaia R75.40, see sk71700.
Excessive memory utilization by /bin/confd daemon on Gaia (when SNMP monitoring is enabled). See sk91081.
00891805, 01868791, 01868975
'ip rule list' command on Gaia OS shows duplicate PBR rules.
See sk109101.
00542212 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: Groups that include exclusions in SmartDashboard do not work with IPv6 objects.
See sk92060.
00880206 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: When creating or editing a 'Limit' object, the 'Maximum Bandwidth Rate' must be an integer number.
00879467 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: SmartEvent events are deleted after the database reaches 200 GB or after 365 days.
See sk69706.
00821390 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: If the "Per Gateway" option was selected and the "Active Policy Analysis" section was included, the report did not always generate successfully.
00542231 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: IPv6 address resolving is not supported by SmartView Tracker with IPv6 logs.
Policy Installation
00831120 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: When managing large numbers of ROBO gateways (> 2700), VPN tables may not be updated properly after performing "Update CO".
Mobile Access / VPN
00261760 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: When using SMS authentication on Gaia Mobile Access Software Blade, usingDynamicID with email does not work.
Limitation of R75.40 resolved: The SMS OTP feature of Mobile Access (to use E-mail instead of HTTP) on Gaia OS may fail.
A workaround is available in sk71140.
Security Gateway 80
00866775 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: For encrypted communication within a Security Gateway 80 internal network, you must manually define the network in the Topology tab of its SmartProvisioning SmartLSM Security Gateway object.
00900327 Limitation of R75.40 resolved: IPSO gateway kernel panic on fragmented packets when Acceleration is enabled.
00940105 A VSX Cluster with a Bond interface that is also a VLAN, could become unstable.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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