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Google Chrome changes downloaded files from .tgz to .gz Technical Level
  • Every time you download an upgrade file (has extension .tgz) with Google Chrome, the file gets saved as a .gz file instead of .tgz. This also applies to .img files for Gaia Embedded firmware upgrades.
  • When you try to use WebUI to upgrade a device, it fails with error message "failed to upload upgrade package, it is not the right file".
  • When you try to add the package into the SmartUpdate package repository, it fails with the error 'Couldn't add package to repository'

This problem is a Google Chrome issue which is not related to Download Center and Check Point. More on the issue can be found here:
It is also being referenced in sk44159 - Common download problems in Check Point Support Center (FAQ).

Note that renaming the .gz extension to .tgz should work around the issue.

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