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'fwm sic_reset' is not working on Security Management R75.40 and R75.40VS Technical Level
  • After running the "fwm sic_reset&" command on R75.40 and R75.40VS Security Management Server, the internal_ca object cannot be found in SmartDashboard on "Firewall" tab > "Servers and OPSEC Applications" > "Servers".

  • Following message pops up in SmartDashboard when closing Check Point object properties:
    Cannot add certificate when no Certificate Authority Server exists.
    You must first define Certificate Authority Server object.

  • Debug of FWM daemon (per sk86186 / sk33207) shows that when FWM runs for first time after SIC reset, the internal_ca object already exists and therefore inserting newly created internal_ca object fails:
    [FWM PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] CLinksSqlDb::IsNameUsed: executing query select * from object_id_to_table_name where table_name = 'servers' and object_name = 'internal_ca'
    [FWM PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] CSrvObj::Update - Object internal_ca already created by another user write_using_CPMI_and_add_to_downgrade_hash: Update failed: Object internal_ca already created by another user


Specifically in R75.40 and R75.40VS versions, newly created ICA object fails to be added into the management database because it still exists in the $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinksMgr.db file.

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