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High Connection Capacity (64-bit) on Gaia Technical Level

Note: This solution is NOT relevant for R80.40 (and higher) since all installations are 64-bit only.

Which appliances support High Connection Capacity (64-bit) on Gaia?

The following appliance series support Gaia OS with 64-bit kernel:

  • Check Point 64000
  • Check Point 61000
  • Check Point 44000
  • Check Point 41000
  • Check Point 28000
  • Check Point 26000
  • Check Point 23000  
  • Check Point 21000 
  • Check Point 16000
  • Check Point 15000
  • Check Point 13000
  • Check Point 12000
  • Check Point 7000       
  • Check Point 6000  
  • Check Point 5000        
  • Check Point 4000
  • Check Point 3200
  • Check Point 3100
  • Check Point 2200 
  • Check Point TE2000X
  • Check Point TE1000X
  • Check Point TE250X
  • Check Point TE100X      


  • Starting from R80.20, all installations are 64-bit only.
  • Scalable Platforms Appliances run 64-bit kernel only.

Which Open Servers support 64-bit on Gaia?

All Open Servers support Gaia OS with 64-bit kernel, as long as:

Note: as long as the Gaia OS limitations are met, the amount of RAM of the supported HCL Open servers can be increased.

What is the maximum memory that can be used on Security Management with Gaia OS 64-bit kernel?

  • Starting from R80.10, the maximum memory is 512 GB
  • Until R77.30 the maximum memory allowed is 128 GB


Minimum / maximum memory that can be used on Security Gateway with Gaia OS 64-bit kernel

Product For R7X
For R80.x
Minimum Memory Maximum Memory Minimum Memory Maximum Memory 
Open Servers 8 GB 32 GB 4 GB 256 GB 
Check Point Appliances* >4 GB 128 GB 4 GB 128 GB 

* For appliances, memory requirements are subjected to each model's physical specifications. See the relevant appliance memory documentation for more details.


Is 64-bit supported by Security Management?

  • Starting from R80.10, Security Management Server processes run in 64-bit when the OS is configured in this way.

  • Endpoint Security Management Server E80.40 and up can run natively as 64-bit process, providing high capacity. See sk82621.

  • Multi-Domain Management Server running on a 64-bit system will benefit from the additional memory as long as the number of Domains is large enough.

    : maximum physical memory supported for Open Servers running Multi-Domain Management Server is 128 GB for versions R80 and below, and 512 GB for versions R80.10 and above.
    If the machine was installed with less than 192G and the other RAM was added later, rebooting the system run the script: /bin/
    This script will update the grub.conf file with the correct boot command to load with the additional memory.



  • My R80.10 (or below) appliance is loading into 64-bit mode by default. Can I move to 32-bit mode?
    Yes, use the Clish command 'set edition 32-bit' to change your edition

  • I upgraded my appliance to Gaia OS, but it is still running 32-bit. What am I doing wrong?
    The default edition after an upgrade is 32-bit. You can change the edition using the Clish command 'set edition'

Also see sk112832 - 32-Bit User Mode Process on 64-Bit Gaia OS can allocate only up to 4 GB of memory


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