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TACACS+ support in Gaia OS Technical Level

TACACS+ support in Gaia OS is limited:

Version TACACS+ support
R75.40 R75.40 Gaia OS does not provide support for authentication with TACACS+ external server.
Upgrade to R75.40 Gaia Feature Release (Gaia+) and higher.
R75.40 Gaia Feature Release (Gaia+) Authentication with single TACACS+ server.

(R75.40 Gaia+ is documented in sk67581.)

R76 and higher

Support for TACACS+ was improved as follows:

  • Authentication with multiple TACACS+ servers is now possible.
  • Ability to configure timeout for every TACACS+ server.
  • Turn On / Off authentication via TACACS+ servers.


To enable TACACS+ for authentication:

    • In Gaia Portal:

      1. Go to User Management section - click on Authentication Servers.
      2. Select Enable TACACS+ authentication.
      3. Click the Add button and fill in the TACACS server properties: priority, server IP address, shared key, timeout (in seconds).
    • In Gaia Clish:

      1. add aaa tacacs-servers priority VALUE server VALUE key VALUE timeout VALUE
      2. add rba role TACP-0 domain-type System all-features
      3. save config

  • R77.30 and higher

In SmartDashboard: Manage > Servers and OPSEC Applications > New > TACACS


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