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Endpoint Security VPN for Mac E75 Known Limitations Technical Level

This article lists all of the known limitations of Endpoint Security VPN for Mac E75.

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Issue ID Symptoms
00861912 MEP configuration is not properly supported when a restrictive outbound desktop firewall policy is enforced.
00864585 If a restrictive desktop firewall policy is enforced, FTP sometimes does not work properly.
00857475 In the Desktop Firewall policy, logs from rules that have"Alert" selected in the Track column are not uploaded to the gateway.

The Proxy Detection and Replacement feature has these limitations:

  • CIDR network names in the proxy bypass list are not supported (for example, 169.254/16).
  • Proxy authentication settings are not read from the system configuration. They are read from 'VPN options > Advanced tab > Proxy Settings'.
  • When proxy replacement is activated, users will not see changes in MAC OS X System Preferences UI.

After Endpoint Security VPN is installed and a client is connected to the gateway, automatic sync with Time Capsule and iPhone Wi-Fi sync might not work correctly.

This can happen because of a restrictive Desktop Policy.

To resolve this issue, allow these services in the "Inbound rules" of the Desktop Policy:

  • SSDP: UDP, port 1900.
  • mDns: UDP, port 5353.


The Extended DHCP Parameters feature is not supported in this release. This means that Automatic Office Mode Allocation Method (Using DHCP) configured for the Gateway might not work correctly for this client.


In the Desktop Policy Rule Base, a group or groups in the Desktop column cannot contain more than 123 elements. If more than 123 elements are included in the Desktop column in a rule, the client drops the gateway connection.

Workaround: Split the group into 2 or more groups and define 2 or more rules for the groups.

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