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Check Point Mobile VPN application - Layer-3 VPN for Apple iPhone and iPad Technical Level

The Check Point Mobile VPN application, offers full Layer-3 VPN tunnel for Apple iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 or later, allowing to secure the communication from any application running on those devices to the organization.

Application is available through the Apple App store:

For an SSL VPN portal application, use the Check Point Mobile application, also available in the Apple App store.


Layer-3 VPN tunnel support for iOS devices:

  • Authentication methods: Certificate (internal + 3rd party), Password, RSA SecurID Tokens, Radius challenge response
  • Full/split tunneling
  • UTF-8 users support
  • IPSec over UDP with fall back to TCP (Visitor mode)
  • VPN over SSL
  • VPN On-Demand (with certificates authentication)
  • Roaming between 3G/Wi-Fi and automatic reconnect
  • Status and Statistics display
  • VPN API for 3rd party: create sites, connect to site, disconnect from site
  • Site provisioning: Automatic by scanning a QR-code (with an embedded QR-code scanner)
    • Automatic, through URL 
    • Automatic, using iPhone configuration utility
    • Manual

This client is supported by Security Gateways R80.10 and higher.

For CPQRGen Tool, click here

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