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Some time after R71.40 installation, you may be unable to login to SmartEvent or SmartEvent server is disconnected Technical Level
  • Some time after R71.40 installation, you may be unable to login to SmartEvent with following message: “Authentication to server … failed”
  • SmartEvent Client displays: “Server is disconnected…” and exits.
  • Command “cpwd_admin list” for cpsemd shows one of the below:
     1. STAT=T, PID=0
              APP       PID  STAT  #START
              CPSEMD    0     T       2
     2. #START>1
              APP        PID  STAT  #START
              CPSEMD     5304  E       3
  • $CPDIR/log/cpwd.elg contains following error:
         [INFO] Signal was sent to process cpsemd (pid=3404)
         [ERROR] cpsemd (pid=3404) did not send keep-alive message for 4 number of times
         [SUCCESS] Killed process cpsemd with pid 3404

SmartEvent server reaches deadlock and doesn't respond until automatically restarted.


Download the relevant hotfix from the following links:


Installation instructions Hotfix for SecurePlatform, UTM-1/Smart-1 and Linux:


1. Backup $RTDIR/bin directory.

2. Unzip and run the downloaded package:

    # gunzip ReportingServer_HOTFIX_FLINT_HF_HA40_115.tgz

    # tar -xvf ReportingServer_HOTFIX_FLINT_HF_HA40_115.tar

    # ./ReportingServer_HOTFIX_FLINT_HF_HA40_115_976115001_1

    Note: The script will run cpstop and cpstart.

3. Make sure that the script completes successfully (no errors).

4. Reboot the machine.

5. To uninstall the hotfix run uninstall script uninstall_ReportingServer_FLINT_HF_HA40_115 located under /opt/CPrt-R71

6. If you encounter any problem during the uninstall process, use your own backup and contact the support engineers.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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