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R75.40 Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in R75.40.

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Table of Contents

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Clientless VPN
  • NAC
  • SmartReporter
  • SmartView Monitor
  • SmartProvisioning
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • SmartConsole
  • FTP
  • SecurePlatform
  • Check Point Appliances
  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-Domain Security Management
  • Other


ID Symptoms
Resolved: Sendmail issued core dumps.
Resolved: Kerberos authentication for Management on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system did not succeed.
Resolved: There were issues if IP Pool NAT was configured and NAT was done when not needed.
Resolved: Firewall sometimes experienced instability when bridge interfaces were configured and cpstop was issued.
Resolved: Logs from SecureXL were not sent to the Reporter.
00844217 Resolved: The gateway experienced instability on run of 'fw ctl sdstat start'.
00823450 Resolved: Error message in /var/log/CPbackup_err.txt after restoring from backup.
00851704 Resolved: Save policy fails after doing an advanced upgrade (upgrade export and upgrade import) and changing the NAT method (Static or Hide) in a rule.
00847553 Resolved: The logs for Aggressive Aging Suppression were sent, even when the feature was disabled.
00754964 Resolved: Missing headers when using sendmail.
00771412 Resolved: IP Pool NAT was done on connections when not required.
00846276 Resolved: Memory leak in FWD when connected with external logging device. (e.g SkyBox)
00789017 Resolved: Security Management server could not connect to the VPN if the Active Directory DN was more than 100 characters.
00787921 Resolved: Memory leak could occur when SecureXL with templates was enabled on IPSO.
00831456 Resolved: The in.ahttpd process crashes when enabling an http resource rule with user authentication. The problem occurs when HTTP 1.1 is turned on in the browser client.
00766670 Added support for NAT Hide port randomization.
00851954 Resolved: Instability of vpnd process caused by incorrect overwrite of root CA name.
Resolved: Traffic does not pass over Site-to-Site VPN tunnel when choosing SHA-256 for IKE Phase 2 negotiation. Refer to sk66441.
Clientless VPN
00856710 Resolved: Login to an alternative portal resulted in a 404 error, if the portal prefix was / (instead of /sslvpn).
Nested LDAP groups are now supported.
00827496 Resolved: Users could not log in with AD credentials after the Captive Portal timeout expired. AD sessions are now recreated after the time out.
00868786 Resolved: the WMIC process caused a leak on DC 2008 Windows Server.
00823006 Resolved: Logs did not always reach SmartReporter.
SmartView Monitor
Resolved: SmartView Monitor showed an incorrect memory usage for machines.
Resolved: If bridge mode configuration was changed in an Edge profile, the changes were not saved. Now these configuration changes are saved correctly to the database.
Data Loss Prevention
00837908 Resolved: For archive scanning on the Anti-virus Software Blade to work, the Data Loss Prevention Software Blade had to be enabled for the HTTP.
00782596 Resolved: The "Ignore ufp server after connection failure" option in the URI resource was not saved. It is now saved after save or install policy.
00830244 Resolved: If the Anti-Virus blade was activated for an FTP server, the FEAT command was rejected and the FTP connection was disconnected.
Added support for HP Smart Array P410i raid card in raid_diagnostic and SNMP queries.
00860967 Resolved: SNMP queries on sensor data index IDs showed incorrect values.
Check Point Appliances
00844505 Resolved: Power Supply monitoring is now supported for Smart-1 25 and Smart-1 50 appliances. See the Hardware Sensors page of the SecurePlatform WebUI.
Mobile Access
Resolved: Endpoint Security on Demand scan is not performed when a user logs out from Secure Workspace.
00828812 Resolved: In some cases PDF files could not be downloaded from an internal server through the Mobile Access Web Portal.
00655712 Resolved: When using Single Sign-on, authentication for a Citrix web page fails after changing the password on Citrix server.
00769019 Resolved: If localhost was missing from the hosts file, cvpnd would stop during login with SecurID.
00836894 Resolved: When connecting through the Mobile Access web portal, you cannot access a directory named /Files/ on an internal server.
00831144 Resolved: Sometimes an error occurs when you access a web application through the Mobile Access portal and click on a link to download a file. A message might show that the download was successful but the file downloaded is of zero size.
00836021 Resolved: When a user connects with SSL Network Extender through the Mobile Access Blade portal, then disconnects and connects again, the CVPN process might stop working.
00831912 Improved handling of Remote Access encryption domains for L2TP clients when the encryption domain contains Any.
Multi-Domain Security Management
00842908 Resolved: When requesting a package update on a gateway from the Multi-Domain Security Management SmartUpdate view, data would be removed every second request.
00833959 Resolved: Some Domain Management Servers (CMAs) cannot be started from the GUI.
00831525 Resolved: When a policy was sent through a router using TFTP, it always reported success. Now the router load correctly reports "Download failed" if TFTP failed.
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