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Check Point Mobile Access Blade replaces Connectra Technical Level

The Mobile Access Software Blade, introduced on October 2010, is now replacing the Connectra Appliances (270/3070/9072) and All Connectra Software.

This blade includes all features that were available in Connectra, and introduces client-support for additional platforms, such as for iOS and Android.

Customers who have a Connectra 270/3070/9072 appliance, or Connectra Software under a Support Contract, can upgrade their product to a Security Gateway with the Mobile Access Blade.

To upgrade your Connectra license to a Security Gateway and a Mobile Access Blade bundle, please visit your User Center account ('My Products > Software Blades Upgrade').

A centrally managed Connectra (being managed by another Security Management) can be migrated to a Security Gateway with a Mobile Access Blade, using the following procedure:

A locally managed Connectra cannot be migrated using the tools above. Instead, you should manually define a new Security Gateway object with the Mobile Access Blade on your management, together with defining applications and access rules. For the gateway migration, refer to the "Export Connectra Setting" section of the document above.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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