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Cluster member is 'Down' because normal operational interface was configured as 'Disconnected' Technical Level
  • SmartView Monitor shows:
    ClusterXL - Error: Refer to the Notification and Interfaces tables for information about the problem

    When clicking on 'More...', under 'Problem Notification Table' normal operational interface shows up as 'Disconnected'.

  • Output of 'cphaprob state' command shows the local member as 'Down'.

  • Output of 'cphaprob list' command shows that the state of 'Interface Active Check' Device is 'problem'.

  • Output of 'cphaprob -a if' command shows the problematic interface as 'Disconnected'.

  • Output of 'ifconfig -a' command shows the problematic interface as 'UP' and with assigned IP address.

One of the possible causes is that by mistake, the problematic interface has been configured as 'Disconnected' via $FWDIR/conf/discntd.if file (per sk30060).

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