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Check Point GO R75 Technical Level

Check Point GO R75 HFA5 is now available.
IMPORTANT: Check Point recommends to always update your systems to the most recent software release to stay current with the latest functional improvements, stability fixes, security enhancements and protection against new and evolving attacks.


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Table of Contents

  • What's New in Check Point GO R75
  • Check Point GO R75 Downloads
  • Check Point GO R75 Documentation

What's New in Check Point GO R75

  • Portable applications (apps) are virtualized versions of Windows programs that run in the Check Point GO Secure Workspace desktop environment.

  • Check Point GO Customization Tool. A tool to pre-configure policies and user profiles and burn them on the Check Point GO device.

  • Remote Device Lock. A way to configure the Check Point GO device to lock after a certain period of time, or after several VPN authentication failures. This is the Check Point GO solution for "remote wipe" (also known as "poison pill") requirements. A locked device can be opened only by password recovery or a full format of the device. Remote Device Lock is configured using the Check Point GO Customization Tool.

  • Enhanced performance for HTTP, login and shutdown.

  • Folder mode. Gives direct access to encrypted Check Point GO folders on the device without running the Secure Workspace desktop environment. Using Windows explorer, users can browse to encrypted storage, add and remove files directly.

  • FTP shared folder. Lets users access a shared network folder in the organization. 

  • Smart Card Support for the VPN client.

  • Certificate Persistence. (CAPI Virtualization). After the certificate from a HTTPS-based website has been imported to the device, the certificate remains valid for subsequent Check Point GO sessions on the next Host PC or operating system. This is part of the Check Point GO personalization, where changes made in Secure Workspace (such as downloading CAPI certificates) remains persistent across different Check Point GO sessions and different Windows versions.

  • Format the device in a granular way – there are two ways of formatting Check Point GO.
    The option:
    • Format user data is protected with the user’s password. It does not clear the security policy, VPN configuration, pre-configured portable apps, and other information that was configured using the Check Point GO Customization Tool.
    • Restore factory defaults is protected with the administrator's password.

  • New look and feel.

  • Custom End User License Agreement - Replace the general license with one of your own. Users read and agree to the terms every time before Check Point GO is activated.

  • Data Wipe Mode - In this mode, users have a clean secure workspace and access to approved resources. Session data is deleted from the device on logon and logoff.

For more information on Check Point GO R75 see the Check Point GO R75 Release Notes, Check Point GO R75 Known Limitations and Check Point GO R75 Resolved Issues.
Note: a valid support account is needed in order to access theses solutions. 

Check Point GO R75 Downloads

Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Check Point GO R75 Documentation

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