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Check Point Mobile for Android devices Technical Level

Mobile Access for Android devices adds hand-held device support to the Mobile Access Software Blade. It securely connects users with Android devices to the corporate gateway. Install R71.30 Android Hotfix or R75.20 Android Hotfix (depending on your gateway version) and configure the Security Gateway to accommodate Android devices. You can download the application to your device from the Android market (


  • Provides device-owner-only authentication via enterprise-grade SSL VPN.
  • Allows you to securely connect to corporate web applications from your Android device.
  • Provides always-on, secure synchronization of email, calendar and contacts, using secure authentication in 3rd party mail client (for example: Touchdown, Moxier, SecureEAS).


Supported systems:

  • Security Management Server: R71.50/R75.40 (and all Security Management Servers that support the R71.50/R75.40 Security Gateway)

    Security Gateways: R71.50/R75.40 (Fully Integrated)
  • Security Management Server: R71.30/R75.20 (and all Security Management Servers that support the R71.30/R75.20 Security Gateway)

    Security Gateway (or cluster): R71.30/R75.20 on SecurePlatform only with supplement installation for Android devices.


Release Notes

It is essential to read the Release Notes before installing this hotfix.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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