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VMAC MAC addresses are switched between interfaces after policy installation Technical Level
  • ClusterXL Virtual MAC (VMAC) mode is enabled (per sk50840).

  • After making any changes in SmartDashboard the policy was installed onto ClusterXL members.

  • Output of 'cphaprob -a if' command shows that Virtual MAC addresses 'moved' between different interfaces.


When an attribute in a ClusterXL object is changed, the entire object is saved in $FWDIR/conf/objects_5_0.C, and a save does not guarantee that the order of interfaces is maintained. As a result, the index of the VIP interface may change, which may cause the VMAC ID to change as well, since part of the VMAC ID is based on the index of the interface.

Note: The issue does not apply to R75.40VS

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