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"Java unavailable. Please read here for more details" error message in Mobile Access portal or IPSec VPN portal Technical Level
  • Error message in Mobile Access or IPSec VPN portal:
    "Java unavailable
    Please read here for more details".

Possible reasons:

  • Missing / incompatible Java software.
  • Incorrect Java settings.


Important: Check Point has developed a new Mobile Access Deployment Agent technology to maintain the current on-demand technologies support across the various supported browsers. Refer to sk113410 - Mobile Access Portal and Java Compatibility

Upgrade your Java as relevant to your OS:

  • Mac OS X
    • Oracle Java
    • Apple Java
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS
  • Android OS
  • Chrome OS


Mac OS X

Important: The Java SE 6 1.6.0_37 update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plug-in from all web browsers.


  • Failed to connect with SSL Network Extender (SNX) in both Mobile Access Blade and IPSec VPN SNX portal.
  • Failed to run Endpoint Security on Demand (ESOD) in Mobile Access portal.

If your Mac OS X has the Java SE 6 1.6.0_37 update installed, refer to sk86803: Updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_37 for Mac OS X.


Mac OS X - Oracle Java

  • 'Java Preferences' does not exist in this Java version.
  • Java applet is enabled, by default.
  • Can be downloaded from
  • Make sure that latest version is installed.


Mac OS X - Apple Java (prior to Java 1.6.0_37)

Until the release of Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x), Java was included with the operating system. Starting with Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x), Apple does not include Java by default and installation has to be done manually.

To install, please follow these steps:

  1. In Spotlight, type "Java Preferences" and select it from the list of available items.

  2. If you have not installed Java so far, you will be notified that Java needs to be installed before the preferences window can be open. Select "Install":

    • Installation will start automatically. Please allow the process to finish.

    • Once the installation is complete, the Java Preferences window will open.

  3. In the 'Java Preferences' window, check the box "Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications". You can close this window now.

    Note: You may also need to select "Enable list of trusted publishers" on the 'Advanced' tab.

  4. Please close your browser windows and try accessing the portal again.

Notes for Mac OS X:

  • Using Oracle Java 7 and later is not possible with Chrome browser. You can follow to re-enable Apple Java, but it is not recommended, due to security vulnerabilities.
  • Apple uses an Anti-Malware system, built into Mac OS X, for remote disabling Java. User should update the Java agent manually.


Windows OS

On Windows, when using the Internet Explorer browser, ActiveX is used. However, when using Firefox or Chrome, the Oracle JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required. You can download it from here. After installing, please close all your browser windows and access the portal again.

Important: Currently, Windows OS users only, must use 32-bit web browser and 32-bit Java. (This is still true for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.) 


Linux OS

On Linux (all distributions), the Oracle JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required. You can download it from here. After installing, please close all your browser windows and access the portal again.

Refer to sk103353: Check Point Java deployment agent fails to launch in Ubuntu Linux with Java 7 update 71 and above, or Java 8 update 25


Android OS

Android OS does not support Java and SSL Network Extender.


Chrome OS

Chrome OS (Chromebook) does not support Java.

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