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Mobile Access / Connectra file share application with Unix / Linux Samba backend server Technical Level
  • User cannot access sub directories, error: No such directory
  • When using SSO the user is not granted the correct permissions, error: you are not allowed to access this directory
  • However browsing the auto mount /mnt/cvpn_mnt/ml* looks fine, one can browse sub directories and permissions are ok.
  • The solution from sk30750 does not help.

Since Samba version 3 and higher a new feature "unix extensions" was introduced, which extends the SMB protocol in order to recognize that both client and server are Samba in which case the the data communication will differ than the regular SMB protocol.

The frontend component of the MAB doesn't handle such connections properly, which causes the error messages.


This feature can be turned off in the samba server by adding "unix extensions = no" in the global section of the smb.conf file.

This parameter doesn't have any effect on windows clients of the Samba server according to Samba's wiki.

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