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How to disable SecureXL permanently on SMB appliance Technical Level

Since on a locally managed SMB appliance there is no 'cpconfig' command, it is not possible to disable SecureXL permanently in a usual way. In addition, running the "fwaccel off" command will not survive a reboot.

Follow these steps on the SMB appliance:

  1. Go to /pfrm2.0/etc/ directory:

    [Expert@Appliance]# cd /pfrm2.0/etc/

  2. Create the special file named userScript:

    [Expert@Appliance]# touch userScript

    Note: The file name contains Capital 'S'.

  3. Edit the file in Vi editor:

    [Expert@Appliance]# vi userScript

  4. Add the absolute path to the command 'fwaccel off':

    fwaccel off

  5. Set the relevant file permissions:

    [Expert@Appliance]# chmod 755 userScript

  6. Reboot the SMB appliance.

  7. Check the status of SecureXL (should be "off"):

    [Expert@Appliance]# fwaccel stat
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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