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R71.40 Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in R71.40.

For more information on R71.40 see the R71.40 Release Notes, R71.40 home page and R71.40 Known Limitations.

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Table of Contents

ID Symptoms
Security Management
00600619 After you run "fw debug fwm off" on Windows, the Install Policy and Install Database windows now do not show the debug messages.
00593654 Policy installation is successful when the policy includes a Connectra object and a monitoring license is not installed on the Security Management server.
00558003 Improved RPC authentication handling.
00628172 Improved handling of MSN traffic.
00630209 Improved display of http statistics for Anti-Virus to block traffic based on file size.
00570225 Improved stability in cluster environment with bond interfaces.
00635133 Improved stability in NAT after policy installation that changes IPS settings.
00639936 Includes support for up to 1024 bridge interfaces.
00639986 When you view the Advanced Parameters for a bond interface and do not make any changes, the interface is not restarted.
SmartView Monitor
00615363 SmartView Monitor now correctly shows the memory usage of IPSO gateways.
VPN/Mobile Access
00660655 Fixed identifier sent in Main Mode for the SHA-256 algorithm. For interoperability, peer R71 gateways should be at least R71.40, and peer R75 gateways should be at least R75.10.
00630289 Users can now use SSL Network Extender with certificates with unique Principal Names to connect to R71 gateways.
00630361 On MacOS 10.6, SSL Network Extender only updates when it first connects to the gateway.
00593006 Security Gateway processes can connect to third-party products with SSLv3 in addition to TLSv1.
00564789 Endpoint Connect client can use pre-shared secret authentication.
00630593 Improved handling of calculating subnets for tunnel management.
00542255 Install date and policy name are now shown in the MDG for VSX modules.
Improved stability in SmartProvisioning.
00640339 SmartProvisioning shows the list of firmware versions for UTM-1 Edges.
00593326 Removed tooltip that shows when you point to a NAT section heading in SmartDashboard.
00623378 When you change the order of priority of ISP links, SmartDashboard shows the correct DNS server IP addresses.
00628976 The tooltip for Network Groups in the Firewall rules shows up to 1000 characters.
00611159 Improved handling of Dynamic Address setting for Security Management server in SmartDashboard.
00567821 When SmartEvent Intro for IPS is enabled, the IPS Event Manager in SmartView Monitor shows the correct IPS events.
00589918 Improved stability in SmartReporter client.
00575400 IPS records a log for non-standard HTTP traffic according to IPS protections.
00613891 Logs and Masters page shows in properties window for IPS Sensor objects in SmartDashboard.
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