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Best Practices - E80.20 / E80.30 Endpoint Security Management Server Performance Technical Level

Endpoint Security Management E80.20 has undergone extensive testing with various numbers of devices and users. In this article, we present best practices for performance configuration, based on the number of devices that you plan to install.

System Architecture:

To make sure that your Endpoint Security system runs efficiently and without unnecessary down time, you can also include additional Endpoint Policy Servers to improve performance in large environments and shape your traffic in a geographically distributed environment.

Endpoint Policy Servers manage traffic from the Endpoint Security clients.

It is recommended that each remote site has at least one external Endpoint Policy Server on a dedicated machine, and that large sites have multiple Endpoint Policy Servers to ensure good performance.

Number of Devices

Below you can find the supported number of entities depending on your system architecture, namely whether or not you have deployed Endpoint Policy Servers.

Endpoint Security Management E80.20 without Policy Servers:

  • Up to 15000 deployed Endpoint Security devices are supported.

Endpoint Security Management E80.20 with Policy Servers:

  • Endpoint Security Management E80.20 supports up to 6 external Endpoint Policy Servers.
  • An External Policy Server supports up to 5000 deployed Endpoint Security devices.
  • The total number of supported Endpoint Security devices in the system, however, is 20000.

Note: Testing was performed using the following server parameters:

Endpoint Security Management E80.20:

  • IBM System x3550 M3
  • Xeon E5620 @ 2.4 Ghz - 8 cores 4GB RAM 300GB Hard Disk SAS 15K - Raid

Endpoint Policy Server:

  • Virtual Machine on top of VMware ESX 4.0.0 - 4 cores 4GB RAM

Directory tree

The Endpoint Security Management E80.20 server supports up to 200,000 AD objects (users, devices, OUs and groups).

Important: If your AD holds more nodes than defined above, please make sure that you scan only a portion of your AD that meets the above requirement.

Client Deployment

The Endpoint Security Management E80.20 server supports 300 concurrent deployments. You are able to deploy more, but only 300 downloads will occur at once.


For the most current information, please see E80.50 Endpoint Security Scalability and Sizing Guide.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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