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R75.10 Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in R75.10.


Important notes:


ID Symptoms
Improved span port traffic handling.
00641247 Check Point DLP UserCheck client reconnects successfully to the server after resuming from Standby or Hibernate in Windows.
00641254 You can download the Check Point DLP User Check client from the DLP portal with an embedded link. The link will appear only if User Check is enabled at the SmartDashboard DLP configuration.
00641243 Check Point DLP User Check client links work from SecureWorkspace in Abra and Mobile Access.
00641241 Check Point DLP records a SmartView Tracker log for SMTP TLS encrypted e-mails. These e-mails are not scanned.
00640349 In a cluster environment, you can set the "Install On" field in a DLP rule.
00632243 If you have SmartEvent enabled on a Security Management server, you do not have to run 'cpstop' and 'cpstart' commands on the Security Management server before you restore a version in Database Revision Control.
00638474 Lets you install policy successfully on Identity Awareness clusters with the same IP addresses for the Sync interfaces.
00638632 Improved stability in NAT after installation of policy changes in IPS.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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