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Excessive RX Errors / RX Drops found on interface Technical Level
  • Output of "ifconfig -a" shows excessive RX errors.

  • Output of "ethtool -S interface_name" command shows positive values in the following counters:

    • rx_errors
    • rx_length_errors
    • rx_crc_errors
    • rx_frame_errors
    • rx_no_buffer_count
    • rx_align_errors
  • Output of "top" command shows high SoftIRQ.


RX Error counters are incremented by frames received by the NIC that are corrupted in some way:

  • Possible duplex mismatch on both interfaces of the link.
  • Faulty NIC, cable, physical media issue.
  • CRC failures.

In addition, NIC speed / duplex mis-match with the connecting port on the switch/router might be the cause.

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