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Changing master administrator password for SmartConsole applications Technical Level

When logged in as the main administrator account in R7x SmartDashboard and clicking Manage -> Change My Password, it prompts to change the password with cpconfig. In cpconfig, the Administrator option does not give the option to change the password.

SecurePlatform and Gaia OSs are designed to have only one master administrator. You cannot edit this administrator, but can delete it.


  1. Log into your Gaia machine.
  2. Enter the cpconfig menu by typing "cpconfig"
  3. Choose the option for Administrator
  4. When asked if you want to modify the administrator list, choose "y" for yes.
  5. When asked if you want to delete an administrator, choose "y" for yes.
  6. Type the administrator username.
  7. When prompted that there is no administrator currently defined, choose "y" for yes.
  8. Choose 2 for Administrator
  9. Choose "y" to add an administrator
  10. Type the admin username
  11. Type the administrator password twice to confirm, pressing Enter between password iterations

Now your main administrator password has changed.


Note: In R80.x SmartConsole, this can be done in Manage & Settings -> Permissions & Administrators -> Advanced -> Check Point Password:

The difference between R7x and R80.x is that in R80.x when you create the cpconfig administrator, you have to run cpstop;cpstart and after that the administrator is deleted from the cpconfig menu and added to the postgres database as regular admin (like other admins defined in SmartConsole).

Therefore, you can change the admin's setting (including its password) directly from SmartConsole and there is no need to use the cpconfig for that.

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