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Check Point R71.20 Technical Level

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Table of Contents

What's New in R71.20

  • Central management for Series 80 Appliances
  • Installation of Security Management Server on Microsoft Windows 7
  • Central management for UTM-1 Edge N Series and Embedded NGX 8.1 gateways
  • Provisioning of IPSO 6.2 IP Appliances using SmartProvisioning
  • Enhanced vsx_util command for improved user experience and additional functionality

For more information on R71.20, see the R71.20 Release Notes, R71.20 Known Limitations and to R71.20 Resolved Issues.

Note: A valid support account is needed in order to access these solutions.

R71.20 Downloads

Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Packages for upgrade from R71/R71.10:

 Important: R71.20 packages cannot be installed on R71 DLP Gateways, VSX-1, IPS-1, Series 80 Appliances.

Packages for new installations:

Packages for GUI:

R71.20 Documentation

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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