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How to perform a mass modification to all user accounts' expiration dates Technical Level

For Security Management

Important Note: Ensure that no GUI clients are connected to the Security Management server before running the expdate command, so that the changes will not be overwritten by the GUI Client.

To change the user accounts' expiration dates, run the command:

fwm expdate <dd-mmm-yyyy> [-f dd-mmm-yyyy]


  1. This command changes the expiration date of all the users defined in the database to December 31st 2013:

    [Expert@MGMT1:0]# fwm expdate <NEW DATE> -f <OLD DATE>

  2. This command changes only the expiration date of users whose current expiration date is December 31st 2014. Their new expiration date will be December 31st 2016:

    fwm expdate 31-Dec-2016 -f 31-Dec-2014


For Multi-Domain Management / Provider-1

To change user account expiration dates on Multi-Domain Management, download the file and run the script on the MDS machine by typing:


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