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Log files can become corrupted when running debug of Check Point daemons on SecurePlatform / Gaia OS Technical Level
  • When running debug of Check Point daemons (FWM, CPD, FWD , VPND, etc), the corresponding log files (.elg) might become corrupted : when open the file, it is mostly filled with 'NULL' characters (dots), and only at the end of the file, there are some readable lines.

The issue occurs due to the fact that two different mechanisms open the .elg files for 'Write' operation.

  1. When the daemon is under debug, the log file (.elg) will be rotated by the internal TDERROR mechanism.

  2. However, there is another mechanism - a Task 'RotateLogs' registered under the CPD daemon that is called every 100 sec. to rotate a log file, if it reached the maximum configured size.
    [Expert@FW]# cpd_sched_config print
    Task: "RotateLogs"
    Command: /sbin/cp_logrotate
    Interval: 100
    Active: true
    RunAtStart: true

Probably there are two different mechanisms for log rotation because of historical reasons - the TDERROR mechanism was added later...

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