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R71.10 Resolved Issues

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in R71.10.

For more information on R71.10, refer to R71.10 Release Notes, Check Point R71.10 and R71.10 Known Limitations.

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ID Symptoms
00549996 Policy installation no longer causes a file descriptor leak in CPD daemon. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00556977 A DCE-RPC rule, followed by another rule that specifies a different action, is now enforced correctly, and not according to the action specified for the following rule. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00547844 The reminder pop-up window in OWA 2010 now functions as expected. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00550744 SNX Application Mode can now upload large files when using SSL VPN. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00549704 Occasionally, after setting httpd logs on 'debug' and then installing a policy, the user might experience a delay with the SSL VPN portal. This issue has been resolved. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00553683 Hostnames without domains that appear in links (for example, myportal) are always included in SSL VPN's translation domain. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00547916 The search option in OWA 2010 now functions as expected and does not display "Unexpected Error" messages. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00556933 Enabling the R71 SSL VPN Blade causes a Firewall access control issue. Installing R71.10 on both the Security Management server and the gateway is mandatory to resolve this issue.
00550956 Abra is now supported on all platforms. Install R71.10 on Security Gateway.
00547912 Certificate enrollment by SecureClient, Endpoint Connect or Abra is now supported when CoreXL is enabled.

To apply this fix on Security Gateways:
  1. Install/upgrade Security Gateways to R71.10 and reboot the gateways.
To apply this fix in Security Management environments:
  1. Install/upgrade Security Management to R71.10.
  2. In the "lib" directory on the Security Management server ($FWDIR/lib/ in SecurePlatform, Linux, IPSO and Solaris, or %FWDIR%\lib\ on Windows), rename the "table_HFA.def" file to "table.def" (this overrides the previous contents of "table.def").
    Note: If you made any manual changes to "table.def", you MUST add them manually to "table_HFA.def" before renaming it.
  3. Install policy.

To apply this fix in Multi-Domain Management environments:
  1. Install/upgrade Multi-Domain Management server to R71.10.
  2. Copy R71.10 hotfix_map.conf for Provider-1 to $MDSDIR/conf.
  3. Run:
    # ln -s $MDS_TEMPLATE/bin/update_inspect_files $MDSDIR/bin/update_inspect_files_hfa
  4. If manual changes were made to table.def, record the changes.
  5. Run mdsstop.
  6. Run:
    # hf_propagate m
    # hf_propagate o
    Note: If manual changes in table.def are detected, messages will be shown.
  7. To override the manual changes run:
    # hf_propagate o --override_manual
  8. If you recorded any manual changes, add them now to table.def.
  9. Run mdsstart.
  10. If you need to uninstall R71.10 (# /opt/CPsuite-R71/uninstall_fw1_HOTFIX_R71_10), make sure to run:
    # hf_propagate u R71.10
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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