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The 'snmpwalk' command fails with "Timeout" error on SecurePlatform OS
  • When running the snmpwalk command locally on SecurePlatform OS, it fails:
    # snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
    Timeout: No Response from
  • Local user is not properly defined in /etc/snmp/snmpd.users.conf file.

  • Community names defined in /etc/snmp/snmpd.users.conf file and in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file do not match.

  • Community name that is being used in the snmpwalk command is not the same as defined in the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file

  • snmpd daemon is bound to a specific interface / IP Address.
    For example, if the output of netstat command is "udp4 0 0 *.*", it means that snmpd daemon is bound to IP address and will only respond to SNMP queries on that address.

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