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Check Point response to "Jedi Packet Trick" (CVE-2010-0104) Technical Level
  • During the CanSecWest international conference in Vancouver researchers described how an attacker could remotely take full control of a particular network card model. For more details see the following presentations:

    This issue affects the following Broadcom NICs: Broadcom BCM5751, BCM5752, BCM5753, BCM5754, BCM5755, BCM5756, BCM5764 and BCM5787 with firmware up to and including v8.04, BCM57760 with firmware up to and including v8.07, and BCM5761 with firmware up to and including v1.24.0.9.

Check Point appliances do not use Broadcom NICs, and therefore are not vulnerable to this attack.


This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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