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How to match the User Center Product/License to a specific Security Gateway Technical Level

To identify the User Center Product/License that applies to a specific Security gateway:

  1. Log in to the User Center.

  2. Go to "ASSETS/INFO" menu at the top - click on the "Product Center".

  3. Click on the "Selected Accounts" pull down menu - select the User Center account number - click on "Done" in the lower right corner.

  4. If the product/license has a comment, you may be able to match the Security Gateway to the product/license based on the comment.

  5. Local licenses have the IP Address of the Security Gateway. If the Security Gateway has a local license, identify the User Center product/license that relates to that Security Gateway by the IP address in the "IP Address" column.

  6. Central licenses have the IP address of the Security Management Server, so for Security Gateways that have a central license, identify the User Center product/license that relates to the Security Gateway as follows:

    Note: This process can also be used for Local licenses.

    1. Connect with SmartUpdate to Security Management Server / Domain Management Server.

    2. Go to the 'Licenses and Contracts' tab.

    3. Find the Security Management / Security Gateway object and the appropriate license (listed below the object).

    4. If the license of the Security Gateway is not displayed in SmartUpdate, then right-click on the Security Management / Security Gateway object in SmartUpdate, and click on "Get Licenses". SmartUpdate gets the licenses from the Security Gateway and displays them.

    5. Double-click the appropriate license to open its properties.

    6. Look at the 'Certificate Key' line - copy the entire string that you see here (it can be either a Certificate Key, a MAC Address, or a Serial Number).

    7. Go back to the User Center - go to the "Products" page - in the "Filter" field, paste the string that you copied from SmartUpdate. The relevant product/license for the Security Gateway should appear.

In addition, as an absolute verification - run the "cplic print -x" command on each Security Gateway to obtain the exact license installed on the Security Gateways. The "CK-XXXX" string at the end of the license string is the Certificate Key (copy the numbers only that appear after the "CK-"), which can be matched to the products in both the User Center and in SmartUpdate. This will also produce the contracts associated to the Security Gateway.

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