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Cluster performs fail-overs - detected a problem (cphad) / (fwd) Technical Level
  • Cluster members perform recurring failovers when the CPU reaches a 100% CPU utilization (in spikes or constant).

  • Cluster fails over due to a timeout in FWD pnote or in CPHAD pnote.

  • SmartView Tracker shows logs about cluster member being down:

    • ...detected a problem (fwd)
    • ...detected a problem (cphad)

Both FWD process (monitored by 'FWD' pnote) and CPHAMCSET process (monitored by 'CPHAD' pnote) are running in User Mode.

These processes send life-signs to the kernel on a regular basis (configurable as 'timeout' of the pnote).

When the kernel does not receive the life-signs from these processes for longer than defined in timeout of the corresponding pnote, kernel assumes that monitored process failed. As a result, by design, a 'problem' state is reported on the corresponding pnote, and then, by design, kernel initiates the failover between cluster members.

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