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Native Intel NICs do not work on HP Open Servers that run Gaia OS / SecurePlatform OS Technical Level
  • Native Intel network interface card (PCI vendor ID 8086 , PIC sub-Vendor ID 8086) is installed on HP Open Server.

  • Native Intel NIC does not work as expected. Common symptoms are:

    • Traffic drops on the interface (RX-DRP).
    • Traffic passes much slower than is expected (throughput is much lower than it should be).
    • Traffic is normally passing only in one direction.

HP Open Servers are compatible only with HP network interface cards.


Use PCI interfaces from HP from the list of Network Interface Cards.

This behavior is for all native Intel NICs and by design from HP vendor.

This statement was added under HP servers on the list of Open Servers.


Note: Our apologies if the statement about this limitation does not appear under all HP servers on the HCL. This might happen only by honest omission mistake. In such case, please submit the Feedback at the bottom of this Solution.

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